Our Machines

Kubota 1.7 Tonne Excavator

Kubota 1.7 Tonne Excavator

Our mini excavator has a variable track width: the hydraulic track gauge can be adjusted between 990mm and 1,240mm. This machine is a compact, zero swing excavator making it ideal for working in areas with limited access and where manoeuvrability is restricted.

The Kubota 1.7 tonne excavator features a quick hitch which allows the operator to change attachments quickly without getting off the machine, saving us time and you money. The Ashkavate excavator also has a removable canopy which allows us to access areas such us under carports, verandahs and pergolas.

Our mini excavator is super powerful. With this machine, Ashkavate can easily cater for the needs of all builders, plumbers, electricians, concrete contractors, landscapers and private residential owners. Whatever mini excavations you require, Ashkavate has the ideal machine.

Our 1.7 tonne excavator is rubber tracked which is less harmful to grassed sections, gravelled areas, pathways, paving and concrete areas. This mini excavator is designed to ensure minimum ground disturbance for a neat and tidy finish.

Attachments: ripping tine, mudbucket (bucket sizes 300, 450 and 900mm)

Excavator dimensions:

  • Minimum width of 990mm
  • Expanding to maximum width of 1,240mm
  • Overall length of 3,545mm
  • Overall height (with canopy) of 2,340mm

Vermeer s600tx rubber track mini loader

Vermeer Mini Loader

Our mini loader is super POWERFUL, super FAST and will easily cater for the needs of all builders, concrete contractors, plumbers, electricians and private residential owners.

The Ashkavate mini loader can travel at a speed of up 7.2km/hr making this an essential machine to have on your job site, saving you time and ultimately money.

As our name suggests, our equipment is 'mini' which allows us to work in areas where other larger machines just can't access. Despite its size, you will be surprised and impressed at what this power house mini loader is capable of, in a very short amount of time.

Our mini loader is rubber tracked which ensures minimum ground disturbance for a neat and tidy finish. This machine is ideal for working in areas with limited access where manoeuvrability is restricted and is perfectly suited to trenching for power, stormwater, irrigation, sewer and treatment plant irrigation fields.

Mini Loader dimensions:

  • Width 1050mm

Mini Loader attachments:

Ashkavate has the right machine and the right attachment to complete your job from start to finish.


Trenching available for power, stormwater, irrigation, sewer and treatment plant irrigation fields etc.
Trench widths:
   Mini Excavator - 300mm or 450mm
   Mini Loader - 150mm wide and depth up to 900mm

Post Hole Boring

Auger sizes-300, 450 and 600mm. Used for house stumps, shed foundations, tree planting, fence posts and waffle slab piers etc.

Carrying Concrete

This attachment has been specifically designed and made by us for carrying concrete straight from the concrete truck and poured into stumpholes, piers and strip footings etc. Save time and money and never use your wheelbarrow again!

Harley Rake

This is the must have attachment and once you see it in action you will always want it for your project! This attachment is ideal for jobs such as driveway repair and site clean ups. It separates broken bricks, rocks and sticks from the dirt or soil, which are left in an easy to pick up pile at the end of the run. It spreads gravel, soil, dirt with ease leaving a perfect finish every time. The video attached is a must see demonstration.

Brick Buggy

Using our experience and knowledge of the building industry, we have designed and made a brick buggy attachment. This attachment is used for moving whole bands of bricks around building sites quickly and easily thus saving you time and money and allowing your construction staff to get on with their job.

Other Services

  • Obligation free quotes
  • Pre slab preparation for sheds and houses
  • Drive ways
  • Footpaths
  • Pre Paving preparation
  • Tank sites
  • All gravel, sand, soil, mulch and rock spreading
  • Garden bed construction
  • Limited access excavations
  • Livestock burial
  • Rubbish removal
  • Shrub removal